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There are now two ways to upgrade, a safe one (conservative, if an update needs to add or remove dependencies, it won't update) and a full one (it will always upgrade even though it impacts other packages by adding them or removing them, previously called 'dist-upgrade').The actions are now 'safe-upgrade' or 'full-upgrade'.Please check the errata for any errors or issues reported since publication.

This is a simple tutorial that will teach you to configure your system to automatically install security updates.

There are always some security risks involved in running software upgrades without supervision, but there are also benefits.

If you believe it's important to stay up to date with the latest security patches, then you should follow this simple tutorial.

Recently (since Ubuntu 7.10), the aptitude action 'upgrade' is deprecated.

An application developer directly uses an API to locate records either by their key or by using an index. An indexed database can be implemented using a persistent B-tree data structure.

This is the W3C Recommendation for the Indexed Database API.

Changes to this specification since the previous publication are summarized and enumerated in this document's Revision History appendix.

This specification's bugs and issues are managed in Bugzilla (new bug, open bugs).

Feature requests for the next version of this specification are kept in the Indexed Database Features document.

This document was published by the Web Applications Working Group as a Recommendation.

If you wish to make comments regarding this document, please send them to [email protected](subscribe, archives). Please see the Working Group's implementation report.


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