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If you are planning to upgrade your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod Touch to i OS 8, make sure you back up data such as i Phone contacts, notes, photos, songs, videos and playlists in advance.Upgrading to i OS 8 from an earlier i OS version will result in the deletion of all i Phone multimedia tracks as well as photos which are not within the Camera Roll.To back up i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod Touch data prior to upgrading to i OS 8, refer to this tutorial: How to back up i Phone data Updating to i OS 8 will restore the i Phone settings to their factory defaults.

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We've also heard that people are seeing a number of errors when trying to download i OS 9, so we will address them below - but we still think the best solution is to download via i Tunes.

For most queries related to the i OS 9 update process, your first port of call should be our i OS update guide.

This has all the advice you could possibly want, from preparing for the update, to the pros and cons of each version of i OS, to the possible problems you're likely to encounter and how to fix them. We'll be addressing one particular issue that lots of people have faced when updating to a new version of i OS: not having enough room on their i Phone or i Pad to squeeze in the install file.

If you are running i OS 5 or later, you can back up your i Phone settings, app data and other information (excluding songs and videos in the Music app) before updating to i OS 8 via using i Cloud.

To back up i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod Touch settings and data via i Cloud do the following: If you have not set up an i Cloud account, you can also back up the i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod Touch via i Tunes on the computer.

WARNING: To avoid “Automatic synchronization” of your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod by i Tunes click and keep the Shift and Ctrl keys pressed while you open i Tunes. To back up i Phone data via i Tunes, open i Tunes and connect your i Device.Once it appears in the main program window, right click and select “Back Up”.i Tunes takes up too much space and recourses on your computer?You can now make full-featured backup and restore of your i OS device to PC without the need for i Tunes via using the free Copy Trans Shelbee.i OS 9 is now here, but you may be struggling to download it due to the sheer volume of traffic or due to other issues, for example, your i Phone may only have 8GB or 16GB storage and that may mean that you don't have enough space for the download.If the latter is the case you should see a message saying that Apple will delete some of your apps to make space, and then let you download them again later, but if that sounds like a lot of extra work, there is a way round it - follow this tutorial and install i OS 9 via i Tunes, you may find you get there a little quicker and with fewer hiccups and without any space constraints.

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