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Facebook, My Space and Twitter are just a few of the social networking sites millions of people visit each day to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones and keep friends and family in the loop.

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Rico, also known as Your Royal Flyness and Rico Suave, says he actually teaches other guys how to use Facebook to hook up with women.

Learn why a Facebook profile ultimately ended this relationship.

The Easy Hook Up Vince, 19, says he feels like a rock star when he uses his online social networking profiles to line up multiple ladies for dates in one night.

“Once you actually get to know these people, you can get them to do whatever you want them to do.” Doing Your Dirty Work If you’re too nervous or scared to break up with your significant other, there’s an Internet service that will dump your sweetheart for you. Warning for Married Couples Kelly says she’s usually so focused on Facebook or some other electronic device that she’s rarely intimate with her husband, Chris.

As soon as Chris goes to sleep, Kelly reaches for her i Phone and takes it to bed with her in a separate room.

Psychiatrist Edward Hallowell and his marriage therapist wife, Sue, pay the couple a house call to get to the core of their distractions. Now, if you start using social networking as an escape or to use people, then stop. “What people don’t understand is how powerful a little bit of time can be.” teach you how to spot hidden distractions in your relationship, and the mistakes you may not realize you’re making. If you’re married, learn how these social networking sites can cause problems with your spouse.Social Networking Influence on Dating special contributor, Kelly Osbourne, says that social networking sites ruin relationships, and she won’t allow her fiancé to have a Facebook page.She sits down with young women to have a candid discussion about social networking sites and their effects on dating.“It takes the excitement out of getting to know somebody.” Facebook Fiasco Adiat and Rico began their relationship on Facebook and after dating for a year, one of them ended it the same way it started ” with a click.


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