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So, naturally, it was safer to simply not tell anyone, though at times it proved difficult when all you wanted was to show that Pansy Parkinson that Draco was dating you.

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I wanted to make a Harry Potter request if that’s alright. Your name: You were sitting in the Gryffindor common room with Neville, playing a game of exploding snap.“So, Y/N, has anyone asked you to the Yule ball yet? You shook your head gently, placing another card on the table.“Not yet, Neville,” You replied, “what about you? ”He blushed a deep crimson, “I’ve asked Ginny.”“Aww, Neville,” You cooed, laughing teasingly, “That’s so sweet! ” “Hey,” He replied, “Hi, Neville.” You turned your attention back to the game and missed Ron throw a look back to Harry and Hermione who gave him an encouraging thumbs up. Um-I, Well I- I” He stuttered, his ears reaching the same colour as his hair. It had started during potions (a class you excelled at and enjoyed greatly, despite the demeanour of Snape), when Snape had paired you with the Slytherin to brew a particularly complicated Doxycide potion.

I would like it to be about y/n and draco dating in secret since she’s in Griffyndor. Sensing this was a perhaps more intimate affair, Neville pretended to remember he had homework and quickly escaping to his chambers. Due to the rivalry between the two houses, it was a rough start with both of you refusing to say anything than the necessity to each other, but over time, you warmed up to the blond git, and vice versa.

And that the Yule ball was coming and Ron ask her to go with him which she’s says yes BECAUSE she wants to keep draco and hers relationship a secret but then draco is sad because he thought they would just hang out than go to the ball but then they end up fighting but at the end, are okay and being all cute couple type. You nodded a farewell to Neville, oblivious to what was going around you and began to pick up the cards.“Are you alright, Ron? edgy.” You asked, concerned.“Yes, I’m fine.” He replied, “Well, it’s just that I… It was a joint decision when you both decided to keep the relationship secret, because you knew how his family and friends would react, and you knew of your friend’s hatred for him.

” You turned to see who was calling you, and smiled at Ron as you saw him walk towards you.“Hey,” You greeted, motioning for him to take a seat, “What’s up Ronald? ”You paused in your shuffling; truth was, you were secretly dating Draco Malfoy, the fourth year Slytherin.

You reached up, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and burying your head in his neck.“Merlin, I can’t keep doing this.” He muttered as he pulled away slightly, resting his forehead on yours.“What’s wrong, Draco?

” You asked, locking your eyes on his.“I want to be with you,” He muttered, “show everybody that you are mine.”You smiled sadly, “You know we can’t Draco, they wouldn’t understand.

Besides, your parents…”Draco sighed, his lips in a frown as he closed his eyes.

“Brilliant.” He grinned, genuine happiness and relief crossing over his face.

You felt a tinge of guilt, but brushed it off, after all, it was only a dance.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You were walking down the corridor, on your way back to the common room from Transfiguration when someone grabbed your arm and pulled you into a room.


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