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Not only do the new MOTIF ES Music Production Synthesizers feature the largest wave ROM of any workstation keyboard available (175 MB in 16-bit linear format), but that Extensive Sonic library is at the heart of the most expressive, most musical synthesis system on the planet, bar none.The Enhanced Sound set of the ES 1,859 waveforms - the majority of them newly sampled specifically for the MOTIF ES series - provide the foundation for 1,024 outstanding normal voices plus 65 drum kits.

The newly developed synth engine offers new synthesizer parameters and faster, more precise envelope control.

The Unity game engine makes it easy to develop 3D apps with seamless Leap Motion interaction.

We make it even easier with a wide variety of Unity assets designed for drag-and-drop simplicity – including Unity 5 support, rigged hands, demo scenes, and resources for VR.

With Leap Motion + Unity, you can bring your hands into the game, access video passthrough in virtual reality, and reach into futuristic UI elements.

The range of sounds it produces is stunning - from the Emulative Sounds of acoustic piano and orchestra to the Extreme Synthesis of cutting-edge hiphop and electronica.

You only have to hear the ES once to know this is the best sounding, most Evolved Synthesizer Yamaha has ever made.

The newly designed tone generator chip offers true 128-note polyphony that gives you the freedom to create intricate compositions using the full gamut of the MOTIF ES Exceptional Sonic power.

These instruments are designed for serious music production.

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