Ellen g white views on dating

And in most cases there should not be a great disparity in age.A neglect of this rule may result in seriously impairing the health of the younger.

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You will find good counsel on this subject from Mrs. But she did say that there should not be a great difference in ages between husband and wife.

Here is one such statement, from The Ministry of Healing.

Interestingly enough, the paragraph right after it speaks to your first question.

I'll quote them both: The parties may not have worldly wealth, but they should have the far greater blessing of health.

{MH 358.2}It is only in Christ that a marriage alliance can be safely formed.

Human love should draw its closest bonds from divine love.

Only where Christ reigns can there be deep, true, unselfish affection. White elaborated on her concerns over age disparity.

Dear ___________, Thank you for contacting the Ellen G. In regard to the first question, dating outside the church, you do not have to be a Seventh-day Adventist to know that this is not wise. Laura Schlessinger, the radio psychologist, discourage religious people from dating outside their faith, and she's Jewish!

She has had much opportunity to observe that religious difference is a source of conflict in a home, and dating, after all, is supposed to help one narrow the field down to a potential life partner.

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