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Updates for Java SE 7 released after April 2015, and updates for Java SE 6 released after April 2013 are only available to Oracle Customers through My Oracle Support (requires support login).

Java SE Advanced offers users commercial features, access to critical bug fixes, security fixes, and general maintenance.

Early access versions of future releases of the JDK and the JRE are available for testing.

These early access releases include future update and future major releases.

From that point (1 month ago) up today, the Virus signature database never finished updating it allways end with an error It says That the update of the ended with an error "Undocumented error (0x1106)" I updated to version Of eset Endpoint 64 bits to 6.2.2021.2 and the error continue.

Please can anybody give me an idea where can be the problem ?

Oracle strongly recommends that all Java SE 8 users upgrade to this release.

Java SE 8u102 is a patch-set update, including all of 8u101 plus additional features (described in the release notes).

These releases are licensed only for testing, not for use in production.

Demos and samples of common tasks and new functionality available on JDK 8.

Java FX 8 demos and samples are included in the JDK 8 Demos and Samples packages.

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