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The INTP is one of the rarest types among the 16 Myers-Briggs Personality types. We are spontaneous, which is another way of saying that we’re not very structured, and that could cause problems for those of you who are.

He had testicular cancer, which has since gone into remission.

He was the former drummer for Downtown Sasquatch and Stüdz, later known as Janie and the Studs.

He married Emma Nelson, a former classmate at Degrassi Community School, in the summer of 2008. Yorke in Never Gonna Give You Up, which they later resolved before his death.

Spinner (by everyone)Spin (by everyone)Spinner You Better Shut Shut Your Mouth Mason (by Jimmy)Princess (by Sheila)The Dot Guy (by Declan)Honey Bee (by Paige)Fliphead (by Jay)Sticks (by Manny and Marco)Mr. Peace and Unity Committee (by Jimmy)Idiot Hero Guy (by Holly J.)Sasquatch (by J. Mason (Mother)Kendra Mason (Adoptive Sister)Emma Nelson (Wife)Christine Nelson (Mother-in-law)Shane Mc Kay (Father-in-law)Archie Simpson (Stepfather-in-law)Jack Simpson (Brother-in-law)Unnamed Turtle (Pet)Rocky (Unseen cat; former pet)Ms.

T.)Maestro (self-appointed)Friend of Craig's (by Kevin Smith)Degrassi's New MVP (self-appointed)Partner (by Jimmy)Bigfoot (by J. Nelson (Grandmother-in-law) Emma Nelson (Wife) Paige Michalchuk (Ex-Girlfriend)Manny Santos (Ex-Girlfriend)Darcy Edwards (Ex-Girlfriend)Jane Vaughn (Ex-Girlfriend) Ellie Nash (Former Attraction)Terri Mac Gregor (Kissed, Former Attraction) Gavin Reginald "Spinner" Mason (born 1988) is a Class of 2007 graduate of Degrassi Community School, who works at and manages The Dot. Spinner was at first depicted as a bully, which unfortunately led to his involvement with an infamous incident, where one student died and his best friend, Jimmy Brooks, became paralyzed from the waist down.

After his friends were informed that the incident was partly Spinner's fault, they turned on him, but since then, he has changed his ways and has been forgiven.

Spinner suffers from ADHD, but takes Ritalin for it.

Dating us will not only make you smarter, it will make you more powerful. So we might not be able to realize your emotional needs outright.

We are always coming up with new ideas, so we will always have exciting things to talk about and do. We are like walking encyclopedias, and of course, knowledge is power. We can be detached and unavailable emotionally, and lost in our own private world.

We are creative and imagining things is like a drug to us.

It is next to impossible to lie to us because of our extraverted intuition and our ability to recall and analyze; we can pick out any inconsistency in a story.

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