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She's at times quick to judge others, but fiercely protective of her family, particularly her sister Blanche, a wonderful turn by Susan Kopp.

Chuck Brinkley shows the wisdom of Solomon and patience of Job as the hard-working father, and Evan Fornachon gives Stanley a sympathetic voice and appealing personality, while Natalie Krivokuca, as the rebellious Nora, and Mary Pat Dailey, as the bookish Laurie, are charming and engaging.

Eugene's older brother Stanley is having troubles at work, losing money, and considering joining the army.

His cousin Nora wants to drop out of high school to audition for a Broadway show, and, much to the consternation of Eugene's mother, his aunt is considering dating an Irish Catholic.

After all this stress, Eugene's father suffers a heart attack and the family's sense of security is put to the test.

Zac O'Keefe is thoroughly engaging as Eugene, his monologues are filled with hope, humor and ever-changing moods, but delivered with a light, humorous touch.

Eugene is filled with optimism, but also a growing understanding of the challenges and stress of growing up.

Through the course of the play, O'Keefe adroitly handles the character's many mood swings and realizations with clearly motivated reactions.

Kimberly Sansone radiates with warmth, caring, and a sharp wit as Eugene's mother Kate.

is the first of three plays that tell the story of Eugene Jerome, a baseball loving New Yorker who wants to be a writer, if he doesn't get signed by the Yankees first.

He's also going through puberty and dealing with an onslaught of unfamiliar feelings and sexual urges. gets the details right, and delivers them with familial warmth and optimism in a memorable production filled with strong performances.

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