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You know that all the people you meet here invested some time to join.

Dating DNA is the first service to address this trend, by bringing the convenience of sophisticated matching tools to these new social networking avenues. Dating DNA is 100% free and won't cost you a dime. This is a key difference from almost every other dating site where literally anyone on the Internet can view your photos, read your profile, and contact you.

On Dating DNA, the only people who will ever be able to view your profile are those who meet the criteria YOU set.

Just like everyone's genetic DNA is different, so too is everyone's "dating DNA." When joining the site, you will complete a detailed questionnaire and then our patented technology will encapsulate your information into your unique 9-digit "Dating DNA Number." This number codifies all your information, much in the same way your genetic DNA does.

Its patented technology encapsulates all your dating information into a single 9-digit number (i.e.

254-736-844), allowing you to privately integrate all your dating information across the Internet's social graph.

Dating DNA lets you generate 1-click compatibility scores with millions of other people at websites such as Facebook, My Space, You Tube, Craigslist, and hundreds more.Every day, more and more people are using social networking sites to find new people to date.When your Dating DNA Number is compared with other people’s number, your personal code reveals a possible match range on a scare from 1 to 10. Just like most people have a social security number, phone number, and email address, so too should everyone have a Dating DNA Number. Simply click here to get YOUR Free Dating DNA Number.Everyday there are more and more opportunities to utilize your Dating DNA Number, both online and off. For two reasons: First, the more information we know about you and what you're looking for, the more accurate the compatibility scores will be.Second, it helps weed out the lazy "players," fakes, frauds, scammers, and spammers.Because Dating DNA is free, there isn't any cost barrier to join, so having a detailed questionnaire helps weed out the flakes.


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  4. You need to figure out exactly what you want in a dating experience and have the confidence to go out and find it.

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