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“Gwen though that leak was a sad attempt at revenge,” the insider told the mag. Gwen and Blake allegedly believe that Miranda is obsessed with them and their relationship, as she’s continuing to text Blake, and bizarrely decided to follow Gwen on both Twitter and Instagram.

She even dyed her hair pink in November 2015, a little too close for comfort for Gwen.

It’s one of her most famous looks from her No Doubt days, after all!

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alleges that Gwen Stefani, 46, believes that Miranda Lambert, 32, is attempting to get revenge on Blake Shelton, 39, after he started dating Gwen so soon after their divorce. , Gwen allegedly thought that the news of Miranda’s new relationship with Anderson was a little coincidental, since it happened just hours after Miranda followed her on Twitter.

Is the “snuggle real,” or is the need for retaliation?

Her alleged attempt at revenge may just make her feel happier than ever! Hollywood Lifers, do you think Miranda is trying to get revenge on Blake?

I am wondering after seeing OKCupid's data analysis of their members' preferences and habits.

In this case, they have looked at the response rates to initial attempts at contact and found that the success or failure to respond is prejudiced specifically against these two racial groups and gender combinations.

“First the texting, then the hair and now the Twitter incident.

She feels like Miranda is almost acting like the Glenn Close character from — and Gwen doesn’t want any part of her games.” Woah, harsh!

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