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This is definitely a very special gaze, and it packs a powerful body language message: "I have great interest in you." Don't take his lack of action personally and give up.

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So your task is to catch his attention as he looks around the room and look directly into his eyes.

When your eyes meet, smile slightly and hold the connection a little longer than normally done.

Do it noticeably longer than when looking at other men and friends.

That is why pornography prospers as men's target market.

Other very effective feminine body language tactics are: walking with an exaggerated roll of hips, relaxed swinging arms, chest out, and head held high with a soft smile.

And additionally, plan ahead and let the men know you are a healthy woman and proud of it by showing a little skin on shoulders, upper arms, and back -- and anywhere else socially acceptable.

Sociologists have carefully studied this ancient mating process where eyes are used to get a mate.

Find somewhere to sit where you can see all the men -- and where they can see you.

Spend the first few minutes getting organized, or so it seems.

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