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A dinner date at home can also be a great alternative for a birthday, relationship anniversary celebration or to going out for a special meal.

This can be especially true on Valentines Day, particularly if you are conscious about the fact that a lot of people go out for a meal on Valentines Day can maybe make that experience less special along with the dinner service potentially being perhaps a little regimental.

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Also you are not on show to other people which can affect yourself or your date if one of you is perhaps a little self-conscious.

If you have been invited to someone’s home for a dinner date it can be nice and show good intentions to bring a little something towards the meal, for example some dessert or a bottle of wine if you both drink alcohol.

With date nerves you can potentially forget that you are going into someone’s home, so it can helpful to check or try and be observant to how your host prefers things in their home and manners, for example taking your shoes off before you enter.

Below are a few tips, hints, pointers, advice and things you may want to consider for a dinner date at home Don’t forget it’s not just your food that your date will sample, amongst other things they will also see the tidiness of your home, any photos on the wall and the cleanliness of your bathroom.

The potential stress of organising and cooking the meal can mean you overlook these things which can add to the overall impression you give of someone.

At the same time none of these things could be noticed by your date or your date doesn’t even care about them, they are just there to get to know you better.

These other things can often be done in advance of the date and so it may be useful to assess whether or not they are important to you and the impression you give out, and how much free time you have available.

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- Browse the site for advice about seeking, dating and relationships - Register to use the search facility Some thoughts and ideas about a dinner date and advice for what kind of dinner date recipes may be useful and recipes to avoid Dinner dates can be a lot of fun and a dinner date at home can be a great way to get to know your date better.

If you are the host, your date gets to see you in your home environment, maybe see for themselves the things you like and to get a better idea of you.

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