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I was telling Deborah, but reassuring her that I was still dating.She asked how I met the guys, and I told her I meet them while I’m out and about.The conversation led to the idea of this article, how to meet someone the old fashioned way.

Fourdating com

VENTOURA - If you're boarding a plane and haven't heard of Ventoura, stop IMMEDIATELY.

The perfect app for solo travellers who wouldn't mind a bit of company, it's best to download the app and start connecting with people at your final destination before you leave.

The app has a messaging feature which allows you to chat with fellow friends going to the same place at the same time and if you're interested, it features a list of suggested locals you can connect with. MISS TRAVEL - If the name Miss Travel sounds familiar to you, you'd be totally right. Tripr, the brand-new digital matchmaking app, helps you make friends ahead of time by connecting with other travellers before you jet set.

Whether you've recently downloaded Happn or Ok Cupid, it's safe to say that us mere mortals are getting used to dating apps (along with the good, bad and ugly that comes with them).

In 2014 alone, 50 million users dated their way through Tinder, mercilessly dissing and dismissing poor coffee dates in their quest to find the one.

Now, dating apps are being used for more than just the traditional one-on-one.

Solo travellers are using these apps to connect with like-minded locals who can show them a good time in their own hometown (kinda like having a very attractive tour guide on demand, right?

The travel dating site has launched an app version to help connect single travellers with one single swipe. You can offer that Zac Efron-looking babe from LA to join you on your upcoming holiday! The app takes out the solitude of travel, by specifically targeting backpackers looking for friends to explore with.

While other apps use GPS locators to connect people already on holiday, Miss Travel helps you establish the connection before heading on your first date. MILEHI MESSENGER - Time to get your mind out of the gutter, ladies and gents.

Before you start envisaging high-altitude romps with strangers, let us tell you that Mile Hi Messenger is actually all about connecting you with fellow flyers (for friendly banter on long-haul flights).

Download the app and create a profile, then enter your details to see other Mile Hi users on your plane or similar flights to your destination.

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