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If you like the concept of “The Voice’s” blind auditions, then you, like me, probably had at least an ounce of interest in Fox’s totally trashy-looking dating show “The Choice,” which premiered Thursday night.

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Ok, it’s not like that premise could have fooled us into thinking this was going to be the next “Mad Men.” I never expected this to be intellectually challenging. In fact, there was no need for the spinning chairs—other than to inflict minor whiplash on the bachelors with constant, pointless revolving.

But I had a little hope that some of the demographic mash-up that makes the early “Voice” episodes so powerful could have rubbed off a little bit here, since Fox so brazenly ripped off that show in every other way. All of the women were hot—at least by reality TV standards.They were all thin, wore tight dresses, had nicely coiffed hair, sizable racks, pouty lips and eyes, legs, and whatever else you need to charm a man these days. Note that it is possible to have multiple choices that use the same menu choices e.g.The quick brown 4:selectmenu:2 jumps over the lazy 4:selectmenu:4. After adding new input fields and to remove unwanted input fields click the ‘Verify the question text and update the form’ button.At this point your question text will be validated.The sub-sections of the form are presented in the order that they are first mentioned in the question. For open ended responses we are only expecting to match correct responses and as such the ability to match and comment on specific incorrect responses is not supported. The Pattern match syntax can be found here Pattern match documentation These response matching sections follow the rules of the single questions that they are taken from.


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