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I must have updated the site at least 40 times sense I bought it. Believe it or not your donations help our alot with helping us pay and run our server.

Our free online adult chat rooms allow each of our members to cam up and enjoy a free chat with everyone else in the room. This service allows you to cam up and talk to people using a microphone. Not 5 seconds later or 12 mins after they seen the message.

All the chat rooms have an average of 100ms lag or less. You are talking to everyone in the chat room wihtout delay. They see whats going on in less then a 10th of a second.

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The button above will take you directly to our free online chat rooms page. Once you are on the page you will be able to click on any of our free online chat rooms. Learn more about our site now by reading more below! Is built from the ground up to make it easy for you to get to the chat rooms you want to.We only have one room that requires that you register for. We started out being an free online adult chat site. If you would like to know what all the features are.As time moves forward we are starting to become a multi perpous website. Our free online chat rooms are becoming more and more stable as time goes by. That just so happens to be the person typing this out. Please check out our Features page to learn more about them.With the help of our chatters and the help of our sponsors we are able to make sure that everything is paid for. I work hard everyday to make sure that the site is updated and taken care of. One main feature that will be coming soon is being able to make your own chat room and control everything about it. You do not need to pay anything to use any feature one our website. Unless you would like to donate to us for our hard work on making the site and chat run great :).


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