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Suddenly, when the singing began, Finkel's prerecorded video appears on the projector, and her dad watches in awe as his daughter signs the words to him.

Julie Finkel decided to sign the lyrics to the song she chose for the father-daughter dance so her dad, who was born deaf, would be able to hear it too.

Read: Partially Deaf 2-Year-Old Boy Does the Wildest Happy Dance After Hearing His Mom's Voice Signing has always been a part of Ohio native Julie Finkel's life.

"I think I was signing before I was talking," the new bride told Inside

"When I am at a loss for words in English, I know exactly what to sign.

I even dream in sign language sometimes." Both her parents were born deaf after their mothers contracted Rubella Measles in a 1964 outbreak while they were pregnant.

As a result, Finkel said her parents and friends in their generation often feel left out at events where there's no sign language interpreter.

But, she was determined to make sure they didn't feel this way at their daughter's wedding.

"I wanted my parents to feel like they were truly a part of everything," she said.

She hired their favorite interpreter for the ceremony, and when it came to the father-daughter dance, she decided it would be up to her to make sure her parents didn't miss a single part of it.

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