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I’m toying with the idea of getting my story to the mass-market of readers who don’t follow blogs.My first choice outlet is conventional book format, but failing that I’m prepared to pursue the ebook format, self-publishing if I can’t find someone who shares my vision and can help make it happen.

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I told her that i cant because i was working, she came a bit sad so I had to accept..

meanwhile i was trying to fix the burner room issue with not success wich was not bad for her because what she really wants was another thing.

She gave me the second beer and put her dress off so I got surprised but not mad, Step by step she came closer to me untill we touch each other at her kitchen, you already know whats next. Well, it was many years ago, at that time i was young but now im older. Everytime i remember my experience i just want to be contacted by someone so dont hesitage, go ahead send me a message!

I dont consider my self a milf even im not a lesbian milf, im just open mind. Just looking for some nice women for fun please do not hesitate to get in touch if you really want to have girl on girl experience also I consider my self an easy going person who loves to play hard although I'm Bisexual I prefer girls to lick her whole body and do bad things, Yeah Baby!!!!

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Because everyone has got to love getting their BDSM on...

Here at 50 Shades to Date we're all about one thing - getting you set up as quickly as possible to start fucking everywhere.

OK, I will tell you about the first time I fuck a milf in my life.

I was working at my own small business that was dedicated to computers repairs, I was only 20 years old..

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