Grasshopper and dating

Of course, if a translation ever comes about I’ll be sure to play it!

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Grasshopper and dating

Quite young, as in I haven't seen him since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.

This hyperbolic expression, dating from about 1850 and alluding to someone's youth, replaced the earlier knee-high to a mosquito or bumblebee or splinter. A grasshopper is tiny, and to stand, metaphorically speaking, no higher than the insect's knee was to be very small or young or both.

The expression was usually used by male relatives to point out either a child's youth (“Drive the tractor by yourself?

— why, you're not even knee-high to a grasshopper”) or the speaker's experience (“I've driven tractors since I was knee high to a grasshopper”).

There are a host of pretty wild dating sims out there these days.

From dating alpacas to birds, it seems like every humorous concept is being tackled. At least one developer decided to tackle this topic for the Nico Nico Jisaku Game Festival 2.

Developer Nostalgia created a game which translates to .

In this indie dating sim the player can apparently romance a grasshopper.

Your younger sister is a bat and your friend appears to be some sort of demonic horror. I’m unclear as to if they are human or something else.

In any case, the game is only available in Japanese right now.

Those who can read Japanese are in luck though as the title is completely free.


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