Greedy women dating

Childhood Born in 1834, the state of Massachusetts, city of new Bedford, USA.

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The richest woman in the history Pathological frugality. If in our country, satellites millions and even billions of dollars earned by honest labor (of course) after the dissolution of the Union is a luxury.

Getty green – the woman who had entered the Guinness book of records thanks to their greed and avarice Saving is a noble thing. We, in America, 1/4 millionaires buy their shoes no more than $ 100, but when buying a suit invest in $200. Probably the ability to save, instead of a blank spending on “show-off” and made them rich.

However, sometimes greed comes to fanaticism, which does not augur well.

This story is about one of the richest women in history, biography women included in the Guinness book of records as the most greedy of those who only saw our planet – Getty green, better known as the witch of wall Street.

At the age of 13 – she’s a full-fledged accountant, is engaged in the family’s finances.

Nothing portends trouble, interest at an early age, whatever it is, in addition to entertainment is certainly good.Youth Edward (father) was a tyrant, as a result, Abby (mother), together with Henriette moving into my sister Sylvia.But that didn’t stop a young “witch” voluntarily spending time with his father.Getty has turned into a pretty girl, becoming one of the most enviable brides of Bedford.However, the number of suitors decreased exponentially and that it was a number of reasons: excessive pathological frugality, penetrating gaze in the direction of the suitors, whom she saw only hunters for its wealth (not unreasonable). Green was like an orphan girl: old shabby dress, worn shoes with this Madame was clearly something wrong. The first symptoms It was rumored that the Getty several times used table napkins.If they don’t have spots, they sbryzgivayte water and gladiolis.

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