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Relatively recent scholarship reads this preference as a manifestation of classical-era Athenian hegemony; it is suggested that the long revered and oft-imitated large-scale sculptures of the heroic and godlike male nude originally functioned, at least in part, as reaffirmations of fifth century Athens’ persistently phallocratic and defeminizing politics.[1] Amidst such a masculinist atmosphere, the early fourth century appearance in Greek sculpture of the hermaphrodite, who so seamlessly joins the masculine form with the supposedly inferior feminine form, inevitably confounds us.From Athens itself hails the earliest extant example of the hermaphrodite figure in ancient Greek art: a securely dated early fourth century clay mould that “preserves a critical portion of hermaphrodite anatomy, and probably would have produced figures of the […] anasyromenos […] type.”[2] Accordingly, hermaphrodites anasyromenoi are, as far as is known, the first type of hermaphrodite represented in Greek sculpture.[3] These figures remained common in the Hellenistic period when the cult of the god-goddess Hermaphroditus, who they perhaps represent, gained national significance.[4] They are so called because of their revealing or “anasyromenos” gesture;[5] these largely small-scale hermaphrodites, unquestionably female in face, form, and costume, lift their drapery at the waist to reveal their small and sometimes erect phallus [Fig 1].Visually and functionally distinct from the more popular late Hellenistic sleeping hermaphrodite type [Fig 2],[6] these earlier hermaphrodites, I will argue, functioned chiefly as apotropaic fertility figures.

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Vanessa Di Francesco Much has been said of the ancient Greek sculptural preference for the male nude body.

In other words, hermaphrodites anasyromenoi, from their very first appearance in a fourth century Athenian clay mould onward, can appropriately be said to break the mould, suggesting in both function and form that femininity be celebrated in conjunction with masculinity.

In order to best understand the hermaphrodite anasyromenos’ revolutionary potential in the context of post-classical Athens, an understanding of fifth century Athens’ defeminizing politics and correlated sculpture is necessary.It is necessary, in other words, to recognize the culture against which these fourth century hermaphrodites react.[7] Eva Keuls suggests that one of the crucial strategies of the Athenian phallocracy’s “defeminization process” is the denigration in myth, ritual, and art of the female’s reproductive role vs.Bob and Mary Weidner, local owners of Peninsula Floors and Furnishings, have served Port Townsend and the surrounding area for 30 years with a reputation for doing custom, quality work that will add value and beauty to your home for years to come. showroom filled with furnishings and floor coverings!We carry the latest products and keep up on trends by attending product seminars.Our trained installers use the latest and best products to guarantee a lasting and beautiful installation.We specialize in installing bathroom tile, utilizing many Schuluter products: shower pans, waterproof membranes, drains and curbs.


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