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I’m not an atheist or an agnostic, but my spiritual views do not conform to the intolerance spewed by the priest every weekend. More → Heads up: You don't need to pause Netflix just yet, but school is about to start again.

More → Dear Auntie, I’m 22, still live with my family, and hate going to church.

So it goes without saying that when we were first presented...

We're already hunting down those academic brain-bricks, but there are some life lessons we can't learn from books... Here are the top 12 textbooks we We here at Spark Life are committed to bringing you cutting-edge journalism of the finest caliber, and nothing—not fear, nor exhaustion, nor the inevitability of defeat—will keep us from that mission.

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Summer's coming to a swift and grievous end, which isn't a surprise but still makes me feel like I’m confronting some harsh truths.


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