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I have had the opportunity to drop by the Occupy Wall Street Protests a couple of times this past week and have taken a few pictures which I am posting below.

The main idea behind the movement is to try to restore democracy to the United States and to create a better balance of wealth (currently one percent of the population controls a vast amount of the worlds wealth and resources while ninety nine percent of the population lives on what remains.) The inspiration for these protests was taken from the Arab Spring.

The concept of fighting social injustice and bringing back more power and wealth to the 99% fit into the kind of photography I have dedicated to my career to, so it has been an interesting experience for me to see these protests.

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I actually discovered the protests several weeks ago on a midnight photography walk with my dear friend Donna Ferrato who lives near the protest site.

At the time it was just a small group of naked hippies camping out in a park (never underestimate the power of naked hippies!

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