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The show originated from a comment made by Hauserman during an episode of Rock of Love: Charm School, in which she stated that she ideally would like to become a "trophy wife".

During the casting process for the series, VH1 asked for single men with a net worth of over ,000,000.

Hauserman also stated that she was looking for "a mature guy that can handle me and doesn't cry" and stated "He doesn't have to be rich; he has to be stable." Hauserman said she would take the show seriously, it would be "very real".

First aired August 2, 2009 Megan is introduced, as is Megan's concierge Niles, who narrates the show.

After meeting her 17 millionaires, Megan brings in her two best friends Brandi Cunningham and Cecille Gahr.

She presents each of the men with a gift that goes along with their nicknames.

After Megan hands out her presents, she announces there will be a mixer.

First, Megan and Audi spend time together, and he claims that his "hump game" causes his past girlfriends to go crazy, which disturbs Megan. David tells Megan that he would love to go shopping with her.

Cisco and Punisher show Megan their physically fit bodies which impresses Megan.

Corey tells her he wants to find his queen and spend the rest of his life with a beautiful woman.

Outside, Brandi and Cecille give Al some motivation to be less awkward.

He offers to use his gift of massage oil to give Megan a foot massage.

During the massage he tries to be funny and have her touch his jaw saying he has a "dog jaw".

He whips his head and barks and pretends to bite Megan's finger which causes her to spill wine all over herself. Megan returns to the party and Al apologizes for his childish actions and offers to buy her a new dress.

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