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TWITTER @sup3rfruit @scotthoying @mitchgrassi INSTAGRAM @sup3rfruit @scotthoying @mitchgrassi @wyatt_blue WEEKLY OBSESSIONS Scott - Flamingo Beer Bong Mitch - Lavender/Yellow Nail File EVERYONE! - Scott - "Stressed Out" by Twenty One Pilots Mitch - "Burnt Rice" by Shawn Wasabi LOVE YALL! Once you understand the language of dogs and what your puppy “says” with his barks, wagging tail talk and other body language, you’ll know how to talk to a dog with effective puppy communication.Remember that your puppy is not a mind reader and what’s “normal” behavior for people may be a totally foreign language and offensive to dogs.

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Communicating Effectively with an Autistic Child Supporting Other Areas of Your Child's Life Understanding How Autistic Children Are Different Community Q&A Autistic children are unique, and interpret the world differently than the average person.

Their differences are highly apparent in terms of their social and communication skills.

Autistic children appear to have a language of their own, implementing a system that works for them.

If you know a child who has been diagnosed with autism, it's important that you learn their language in order to communicate with and approach them in the right way.

All of these things can be confusing or even threatening to puppies especially, but also to adult dogs. We’re taller than pups, and it’s natural to lean down to talk or pet them.

But “looming” over top of a dog intimidates him because in dog talk, this means “I’m the boss, I’m in control.”That can be upsetting or even frightening to pups that already accept your status as the boss.

They may use appeasement gestures such as submissive wetting to show they’re no threat.

Strange dogs that don’t know you may become aggressive or defensive when you lean over them.

They simply fight back what they think of as a challenge.

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