sex dating in cedaredge colorado - Internet dating scams svetlana

You can find just about anything via the internet, including your true love.

Unfortunately, you can also find scam artists, rapists and murderers. Good, because while the internet can be a ton of fun, it can also become a nightmare – especially in the world of online dating.

There are many internet dating scams out there and women tend to be the most vulnerable.

You think because he seems so shy and sweet, what harm could there be in getting into this complete stranger’s car?

Unfortunately for you, he turns out to be another Ted Bundy and you end up in his trunk!

This scam involves the online predator looking for affluent women. There’s a certain type of woman that falls for this kind.

He usually is because he wants to seem as credible as possible. The woman, thinking he’s sincere, goes up to the room with him.

He asks to meet you for drinks at a nice restaurant. This is when she finds out that he’s got a warrant out on him in several states because he’s a serial rapist!

This scam involves the murderer looking for revenge on women because his last girlfriend broke up with him. He’s well educated, well spoken, well groomed and articulate. He also proceeds to tell you online how you are the first woman to make him “open up.” Naturally you feel elated.

He offers to pick you up in his car for a first date.

He tells you that he is in town for business and is looking to meet someone “special” to take back home with him.

He is looking to settle down after meeting that special someone.


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  2. Dating older men can definitely be an overwhelming proposition.

  3. They simply fight back what they think of as a challenge.

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  5. Cortes was arrested later that day at his home in Phoenix near Cave Creek and Bell Roads.

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