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Meanwhile, Shane, Rita and Norman prepare for new supervisor, Theresa Capodiamonte (Valerie Harper), a winner of the prestigious Dark of Night award, who challenges them to take greater risks with their deliveries.

Oliver still believes stamped and mailed letters are important to human communication.

The humdrum jobs of his dead letter mail experts Rita and Norman change when a technophile named Shane gets mistakenly transferred into their office.

Shane inspires them to partake in a risky and unorthodox manner, starting with a chance to clear the name of a wrongfully accused man and reconnect him with the love of his life.

Oliver wants to investigate a letter from ten-year-old boy alerting his grandmother he is running away after being inexplicably separated from her.

The Army officer is untraceable by normal means and the team must find him, even if he does not want to be found.

Their search reveals a number of war heroes who not only return to less than a hero's welcome, but they are also homeless.

Attempts to deliver an orphan's letter to a war hero changes his life while Theresa's pursuit of her dreams inspires the team.

The team discovers an undeliverable love letter, and their investigation initially exposes more questions than answers.

Their new supervisor Cora Brandt (Della Reese) also arrives with stricter policies and procedures.

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