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The author proves how important an order of location of the books of the Bible is.

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Scripture says Israel will repent in fiftieth year since a moment of our resettlement. The day of Pentecost, feast of the ceremonial Law shows it is this event.

Does the Bible say about the Gentiles in currently, about the sign world events? Does it mean that it says about Russia, the USA and the other countries? The Bible even says about what Russia had been the greatest exporter of the children in the world, till currently.

After all, the Bible is the prophetical Book and so I want to show its connection with the past, the current and the future.

The author proves how important the numbers of the Scripture are, provided of studying and investigating of the word of God with a faith.

The time is coming, when all people, who were called “through the gospel” during 2000 prophetic years, shall be caught up.

He will not deprive “off his kindness to the living and to the dead”, because here is soon, “the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed”.

But one cannot, lighting this topic, leave in side the events, referring to the Israel’s people.

There is a necessity for viewing of all future events in light of revival and restoring of the people of Israel.

It is generally accepted that Israel, the descendants of them who entered into the Covenant with the Lord in the Sinai wilderness is the chosen people of God, the blessed people. After all, they have been scattered among the Nations of the earth; and there is no peace to them.


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