Is tiffany alvord dating david days

During the millions of years humans have been evolving, we have developed certain basic tasks.

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It’s an age-old dilemma that M&M's explores in its latest spot from BBDO in New York, “One Track Mind.” Here we have a lunchtime discussion between very, very, very good-looking telenovela star William Levy and his paramour, M&M's candy Ms. But that’s not what she wants to hear—so Levy reassures her that he loves her for what’s on the inside.

Brown, who is also very good-looking—if you’re into eating chocolate. But her insides are made entirely of chocolate, she points out.

But while Levy has made a career out of being outrageously handsome (and, occasionally, “emoting”) on Mexican soap operas and , Ms. “And here I thought you loved me for my brain,” she adds, exasperated, leading Levy to wonder whether that, too, is made of chocolate. Brown’s exasperation can only last so long before she, too, caves to the superficial and states the obvious: “Gosh, you’re handsome.” In other words, sometimes it’s best to ignore what’s on the inside.

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