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In the spring, he set up loudspeakers warning visitors about scalpers and pickpockets who target …

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Canada will play Russia in the quarters on Wednesday.

Canada got off to a stunning start at the Olympic tournament …2016 Rio Olympics: Canada Men’s Volleyball team upsets undefeated Italy to earn a quarterfinal spot The Italian news displayed on this page are gathered from multiple sources, including Italian newspapers and news agencies, as well as international newspapers that cover news from Italy in English language.

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Italy to seek new EU deal to keep economy on track Eur Activ Italy is to seek a new deal with the European Union to allow it to kickstart its stalling economy with an expansionary 2017 budget, a government minister said on Saturday (13 June).

Economic Development Minister Carlo Calenda’s comments came three …

First Brexit and David Cameron, Now a Referendum Could Claim Italy’s PMNewsweek Now Italy is facing its own moment of reckoning with a referendum on constitutional reform, likely to go ahead this autumn.

Like Brexit, the decision to hold this vote might end up destroying the man who sponsored it—Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Canada upsets Italy, advances to Olympic volleyball quarter-finals The win, Canada’s first over Italy in men’s volleyball in 16 matches, put the Canadians into second place in Pool A with nine points.

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Italy’s EU minister warns Brexit delay will hit integration push Financial Times Italy has warned that any decision by the UK to delay Brexit negotiations until late 2017 would risk extending political uncertainty in Europe and undermining efforts to relaunch integration among remaining EU member states. 17Reuters UKReuters has not verified the newspaper reports, and cannot vouch for their accuracy. For a complete list of diary events in Italy please click on . Vatican, Pope Francis receives French President Francois Hollande.

The Taming of Italy’s Most Popular Museum New York Times FLORENCE, ITALY — Eike Schmidt, the new director of the Uffizi Gallery here and the first non-Italian to hold the job, took what seemed a logical step.


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