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Background: I love the creating part of taking on a character.

The following year, he supported Jason Robards and Max Pomeranc on the TV film adaptation of Journey (1995), based on a book by Patricia Mac Lachlan.

He went on to appear in episodes of Baywatch (1995) and Picket Fences (1996) as well as in a pilot project, Mr. He branched out to film two years later with a role as Jason Thurman in the sci-fi film Deep Impact.

Helmed by Mimi Leder, the blockbuster hit starred Robert Duvall, Elijah Wood, Morgan Freeman, Ta Leoni and Vanessa Redgrave.

After guest starring on 100 Deeds for Eddie Mc Dowd (1999) and Once and Again (2000) as well as costarring with Krissy Perez on the family made-for-TV film Ready to Run (2000), Dohring had his next feature with Train Quest (2001), an adventure directed by Jeffrey Porter and starring Donnie Biggs and Tanya Garrett.

After this project, he found himself making series of guest appearances in such television shows as Roswell (2001), The Parkers (2001), JAG (2002), Judging Amy (2004) and Cold Case (2004).

He also had recurring roles in Boston Public (2002-2003), as Ian Bridgeman, and The Division (2004).The star of Dominos Pizza, Honda and Pepsi commercials, Dohring resurfaced on the big screen by playing Robby on 2003s Black Cadillac, which starred Randy Quaid, Shane Johnson and Josh Hammond.Off camera, Dohring has been married to wife Lauren since 2004.He is a second generation member of the Church of Scientology.His identical twin sisters were child stars most notably known as young Christine Ellen Chrissy Seaver on the TV series Growing Pains. On his free time, Jay likes water skiing, snowboarding, golf and boxing. Deep Impact Jason Dohring made the entry to show business by starring in television commercials before segueing to numerous small roles on movies and television.Expert Skier Jason William Dohring was born on March 30, 1982, in Ohio, to Doug Dohring and Laurie. The oldest of five, Jason, known by family and close friends as Jay or DJ, has two identical twin sisters, Kirsten and Kelsey, and two identical twin brothers, Robert and Jonathan. In 1994, he made his TV-film bow with a part as Billy in Someone She Knows, a drama about child murder.


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