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Most of the cities in West Java can be reached by bus, car or train.

To get to the southern parts of Cianjur or Sukabumi you need 4 wheel drive.

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Young women, often students from poorer families, seek positions as mistresses at the beckoning call of wealthy men.

Hidden away in lavish apartments and given large sums of pocket money, they enjoy a life of ease and luxury.

The wives of these men have gone to drastic measures to unveil their fickle husbands’ crimes.

We take a ride with private detectives and meet the one dubbed, ’The Concubine Killer’.

Indonesian language, being official, is widely spoken and understood, and is the main language used in big cities and Jakarta metropolitan area.

The local language is Sundanese, closely related to Indonesian/Malay but not mutually intelligible.

West Java surrounds Jakarta, the Indonesian capital city.

With an estimated 180 million singletons in China and people traditionally marrying early, the race to find a soulmate before surpassing the sell by date is frantic.

Singles fairs, where CVs are passed around, speed-dating and lessons in the art of seduction are all examples of a booming westernised market.

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