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was the second episode in a row that didn't feature a friend or family member of our host, Khloé Kardashian!

Like last week, she was more comfortable, but there were of course some very odd and inexplicable moments that continue to make this one of the most questionable shows on television.

In a very odd turn of events, Khloé started the show with David Arquette and her co-host Sharone, who was serving up a "Daddy's Home" cocktail and roasting nuts.

Jeremih continues to be prolific when it comes to features, and his vocals work in the bedroom, in the club, and on the radio.

As for Deluna, she's only 28, and "What a Night" signals she has a big year ahead.

Who's adding "What a Night" to their Friday night playlist?

Almost 9 years after her breakout hit, "Whine Up," Kat Deluna may have another one on her hands.

Unlike past episodes, this is the only time that white people were in the majority on her set.

Also, there are no barstools in the kitchen so David just sort of rocks around anxiously and laughs as Khloé asks about his current relationship with his wife and his former relationship with Monica Geller (Courteney Cox, if you're nasty). She's wearing a sheer paneled dress with a visible thong and it's pretty fabulous.David says that he and Courteney have a nice familial and working relationship, so everything is all good with them. Kat has a very scattered thought process and personality, and somehow gets to talking about how she's only been with one man in her life, but despite that she knows how to sniff out a "smelly dick" or "smelly pussy." Well, we all have our thing, don't we?Après presque trois années d'abscence, Kat De Luna revient dans les charts français.Son nouvel album sortira le 14 mars 2011 dans l'hexagone. Crédit : Olivier Pin - Fun Radio Le nouvel album de Kat De Luna sortira le 14 mars 2011 en France.Kat Deluna brings Jeremih along for her new club single: "What a Night." Almost 9 years after her breakout hit, "Whine Up," Kat Deluna may have another one on her hands.In her first new release since last year's Trey Songz-featuring "Bum Bum," Deluna has teamed with another R&B singer, Jeremih, for "What a Night." The song is a bouncy, fun-filled affair that could soon be poised for chart success.

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