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I have been using Macs ever since, with the occasional use of Windows and Linux systems.Outside of IT, I enjoy watching original 70s/80s Hong Kong based Kung Fu flicks (I'm a purist, preferred early HK flicks before Hollywood went all Karate with the Kid) and collecting/listening to Music ranging from Jazz to Soul/Funk and early R&B, late 70s, 80s and early 90s Hip-Hop before Puff Daddy, Jay-Z and Kanye West turned up on the scene.

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More detailed information on this update can be found here.

Big thank you to Vicky at Kerio Inc for bringing this to our attention.

I have been using computers since the early 80's, first with a Acorn Atom, then a Sinclair ZX80 (with 1KB of system memory), ZX Spectrum 48K, Commodore 64 (awesome SID soundchip), Atari ST (with Midi and Cubase, good times!

), Commodore Amiga, and then a short break until the mid-90s when I purchased my first Mac running System 6.

“Microsoft Windows update breaks Microsoft Outlook connectivity with Kerio Connect mail server” We have discovered email sending issues with certain Microsoft Windows users who use Microsoft Outlook email client and Kerio Connect mail server. The problem is caused by a recent Windows Security Update that makes changes to TLS (SSL) secured connections used by the KOC (Kerio Offline Connector) plugin for Outlook.

The resolution here is to update your Kerio Connect server to version 7.3.1 patch 2.When you upgrade your Kerio Connect server you will also need to update KOC plugin used by Outlook on Windows workstations.The update is relatively painless in that it should auto-update the KOC plugin the next time the user opens Outlook.Kerio Mail Server, beschikbaar voor Windows, Linux en OS X, stelt je in staat om via pop3, imap4 of wap e-mail te ontvangen en te versturen.Daarnaast bestrijden de ingebouwde virus- en mailfilters malware en spamberichten.De gegevens van de gebruikers kunnen in Kerio worden ingevoerd, maar ook uit Microsoft Active Directory of Apple Open Directory worden gehaald.


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