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The alcohol purchased was to be consumed in the same area.

There were several stages with music for “alco-people”, but the music was, I'd say, indistinct. It tells the story of an adulterous affair between a Russian banker and a young lady.) To promote various Halloween goods, the guy was dressed as a monster and made to frighten the girls passing by.

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The sale of alcohol products at the festival was bounded not only with regard to age but to festival areas, too.

Special people checked IDs and put colored bracelets on people's hands.

Alcohol was to be bought in special enclosed areas (cigarettes were not sold at all).

Lolcows are bizarre people/groups/events, that are on the Internet, and respond negatively to people in a funny way.

They are not countries, political figures, celebrities, your highschool bully, or some random You Tuber that isn't a drama queen.

CB Exclusive (updated) - Colenso BBDO Auckland is behind an international online web film campaign for Levi's latest Curve ID Skinny Jeans which has attracted over 5 million viewers on You Tube in only six days. VIDEOVIEW THE REAR GIRLS BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO The hot girls are New Zealand actresses Jessie Gurunathan and Reanin Johannink - and reportedly the campaign is such a hit that the girls currently have reporters stationed outside their homes in New Zealand.

The unbranded web film - the connection to Levi's is yet to be revealed - shows two hot Kiwi girls in Los Angeles who have rigged the back of their jeans so that they catch people checking out their asses. Gurunanthan and Johannink (and their hot asses) also star in another video in which they teach you how to DIY your own butt-cam.

As I have promised, now I continue to post photos from the musical festival “Big Day Out” which was held in the end of January, 2011. They are different: young and not very young, extravagant and very common. There was nothing to do at the festival but listen to music, seek for the friends lost somewhere and do shopping in dull stalls.

Last year, as I remembered, everybody wanted to be photographed with them, and people, drunk and drugged, really had the pictures taken.

Policemen sometimes asked people if everything was OK. As for policemen, they always had guarded looks but that was their job.

All open amusements were popular and there were lines of people interested until dark.

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