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"I was going to go to UDub after school and help some of the students with their science projects but I can skip today and watch your practice, instead."Raymond stared at her in confusion. "I'll see you out there." He turned and walked away.

After he got about twenty feet away, he turned back and looked at her, shaking his head in puzzlement, then continued. She told him, "I won't be able to go to Latnok after school today.

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She looked concerned, "Isn't football a physically demanding game? ""I usually can unless the other team's defense gets to me too many times," Raymond said with a smile."If they are trying to 'get to you', wouldn't that make them the offence? Raymond sighed, "I don't think I can explain football to you standing in the hall here, especially not before the next class. We have practice after school tonight, if you have time, you could come out to the football field and watch.

I'm going to be busy most of the practice, but we might be able to talk when I have a break.

It'll be easier to explain if you've seen us play.""That sounds like a good idea," Jessi agreed.

Like all Kyle XY fans, as well as cast and crew, I was unsatisfied with the sudden ending of the series. This story is episode 4 (of 10), prior to reading this, you should read Season 4 Episode 3: Summer's End.

My season begins with Season 4 Episode 1: We are Latnok.

I do not, of course, own any rights to Kyle XYThe halls of Beachwood High were filled with students but not the one I most wanted to see.

I had argued that it was important for me to continue my normal life, but how could I do that with Amanda in New York?

Every time I saw a girl with blonde hair come around the corner, I would have a memory of Amanda and her wonderful smile. Kyle closed his locker and headed toward his next class.

A few yards further down the hall, Jessi was also putting away her books. " Jessi asked."It's here at the school," Raymond told her.

She closed her locker and saw Raymond Osgood standing in front of her."I told you that we would bump into each other," Raymond said, smiling."I don't think there was any 'bumping'," Jessi said with a quizzical expression. Would you like to be my date to the dance Friday night? "There's a dance after every home game.""What kind of game? "You do know that I'm the quarterback on the team, don't you?

"I was just putting some books into my locker.""Then, you've found me out," Raymond admitted, "I deliberately came in search of you.""Why'd you do that? " Raymond asked."Lori told me I should say yes," Jessi said."Lori's obviously a smart girl," Raymond smiled. " He frowned slightly."Yes, Lori told me that you were," Jessi nodded. I know it's a popular sport played with a ball that isn't round, but I've never seen a game played."Raymond looked astonished, "You've never seen a football game?

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