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“lighthouse”, which had to assist in the navigation of barges on the Neris River.

However, the purpose of the entire structure is not indicated.

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The tours in the museum are only led by the museum tour guides or the tour guides from the institution with which the museum has concluded an appropriate agreement.

The New Arsenal is one of the oldest buildings of the complex of Vilnius Castles.

Archaeological investigations have revealed that in the 14th century a brick Gothic building stood in this location.

The exterior wall of the building also served as a defensive wall of the castle.

In the 1545 map of the city of Vilnius by Franz Hoogenbergh there is a long, one-storey brick architectural structure in the place of a current building.

The eastern part of the structure had a tower, i.e.

There is a presumption that in 1648-1794 the court of Castle jurisdiction and administration were located in this building.

During the second half of the 18th century, the building was transformed into barracks following the decree of Grand Hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania Michal Kazimierz Oginski and its name was changed to the New Arsenal.

Following the reconstruction, the altered exterior of the building has remained until the present day.


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