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Since then the science of branding and public relations has progressed exponentially, helping the most disadvantaged candidates to win in the court of public opinion by hiring the best political technologists money can buy.Those who would otherwise have a hard time retaining loyalty and support even from their mothers, can now easily become influential leaders, start and win wars, or ... Our court system is doing its due diligence in assuring that every Democrat voter is a Super Voter™. By invoking the Race Card™, unbiased fair-minded judges are able to satisfy themselves that demanding a voter identify himself (or herself, itself, etc.) is racist.By striking down voter ID requirements in four states, hopefully setting a trend, Democrat Super Voters™ can vote early and often. In fact, one justice said that North Carolina's law clearly showed “racially-discriminatory intent” and that the law would "target African-Americans with almost surgical precision."MORE Determined not to be outdone by her opponent after Donald Trump announced that he had been given a Purple Heart, Hillary Clinton appeared at campaign rally wearing all of the medals she has been given by her supporters.

Malia Obama recently tested the limits of celebrating women's bodies by showing her behind at Lollapalooza. The 2016 remake of this story by DNC Studios premiered at the Democratic Convention last night, with an updated plot, in which the same illusion expands to the entire audience: the viewers see the hideous woman, played by Hillary Clinton, as healthy, beautiful, and romantic, while her partner, played by Bill Clinton, has always seen her for what she really is but continues to play along out of habit and for the sake of convenience.

As an 18-year-old, Malia is no longer a child, and capable of making her own decision to shake that booty. MORE A teenage hacker, calling himself "Batman Onesie," has been identified as Wikileaks' source of newly leaked email correspondence from within the Kremlin.

What the emails reveal is the chilling security threat that Donald Trump, possibly our next president, has become.

MORE It's just not fair that Republican women are better looking. And since I am good, anybody who disagrees with me is bad.

To even the playing field of twin peaks, we Progressives are limiting the use of #Free The Nipple, so that voters won't realize how attractive Republican women are. Since anybody who disagrees with me is bad, anybody who disagrees with me is a Nazi.

From these points downward, only Democrats should #Free The Nipple, as well as Progressive Socialists who like Bernie Sanders. See how easy it is to figure out who the Nazis are? We pay too much for a lot of stuff, and that profit just makes the rich richer.This will increase the exposure of the sagging Democrat campaign, rather than doubling the support of Republicans."Free" goes for other body parts as well. The government should tell companies what they can charge for the stuff they sell. MORE Part of the original Star Trek series, The Menagerie tells the story of a Star Fleet captain whom a cunning alien race tricks into living with a hideous woman by creating an illusionary reality, in which they are both healthy, beautiful, and romantic. Hitler lost the war because of a weak branding strategy that failed to inspire and retain the sympathies of the world community. MORE One can't overestimate the importance of image branding. Say "It has nothing to do with Islam" and pull the trigger. We also have versions customized for diverse world cultures...In spite of the best efforts by the Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, the Hitler brand was mostly associated with such trigger words as war, evil, destruction, violence, aggression, racism, bigotry, slavery, oppression, and death.

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