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VMware ESXi is the latest hypervisor architecture from VMware.It has an ultra-thin architecture with no reliance on a general purpose OS, yet still offers all the same functionality and performance of VMware ESX.

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So from what I see, the only upgrade is to wipe and fresh install.” v Sphere 4.1 introduces an impressive number of new features From: Scripted Install for ESXi • v Sphere Client Removal from ESX/ESXi Builds • Boot from SAN • Hardware Acceleration with v Storage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI • Storage Performance Statistics • Storage I/O Control • i SCSI Hardware Offloads • Network I/O Control.

With the release of v Sphere 4.1 it will be the last version of ESX to be released in an ESX and an ESXi version.

After this version only the ESXi flavor will be released.

We at predicted that this would happen a few years back, so we advised our customers to go for the ESXi version, too make it a lot easier to migrate to a newer version in the future.

VMware recommends that customers deploy v Sphere 4.1 on the ESXi hypervisor architecture as a best practice.

In the past some features from the ESX architecture weren’t supported on the ESXi platform.As of v Sphere 4.0, all the functionality of VMware v Sphere is supported on both architectures, including support for Jumbo Frames, Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP), Net Queue, and Net Flow.VMware v Sphere 4.1 is going to be the last release of ESX; there will be no ESX 4.2. Future major releases of VMware v Sphere will include only the VMware ESXi architecture. VMware v Sphere 4.1 and its subsequent update and patch releases are the last releases to include both ESX and ESXi hypervisor architectures.2) VMware recommends that customers start transitioning to the ESXi architecture when deploying VMware v Sphere 4.1. /Tech-Blog/“What I don't get is how they link you to the VMware ESX to ESXi Upgrade Center and there is nothing there.Also, don' take this as a real "upgrade" per se, it's more of a side-grade.

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