Maria menounos tom brady dating

She could've at least waited for her elders to put their teeth in first.

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While Franck Ribery and his two teammates couldn't have been pleased with the consequences, they surely enjoyed Dehar's sexy strip tease in the mysterious cat cave. The serial adulterer seemed determined to become the ultimate WAG, but in turn became the ultimate disgrace.

Possibly five Chelsea footballers in, well, perhaps the same time period... This was a blessing in disguise for Wayne Bridge, who we believe can do much better. While we'll certainly cut Vanessa Bryant a break given her husband's infidelities, the sexy former dancer has never shied from controversy during her time as Kobe's WAG (his entire career).

From allegedly ruining teammates' relationships to running her mouth excessively, Bryant now seems determined to squeeze her husband for every penny he's got. While her pictures are provocative, it's alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn's naughty insinuations that have us intrigued.

Naturally, NFL model citizen Tiki Barber couldn't keep his fumbling hands off Traci Lynn Johnson, who eventually stole Barber from his pregnant-with-twins wife.

We'd like to believe no New York Giants players attended his second wedding.

mess with La La Vasquez, especially if you need a walker to get into your seat.After two older ladies allegedly spit some unappreciated comments at Carmelo Anthony's other half, she naturally lost her cool.Buried somewhere underneath a sports world flooded with political correctness and sensitivity issues is a group of badass beauties climbing their way to the top.From homewreckers and fighters to loudmouths and provocative presences, these women have no qualms about "keeping it real," to quote the legendary Dave Chappelle.Angry, fearless and determined to survive, this rebellious, yet sexy crew has yet to avoid an entertained paparazzi that is always eager for more.Well, we've clearly got more right here, as we're about to look at the sexiest bad girls in sports. Ah the sexy babysitter, every wife's worst nightmare.


  1. Not as an aftermath to some national drinking binge...

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