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When each participant lays eyes on their bride or groom for the first time, at the other end of the aisle, at that moment they have one thing and one thing only to judge them on: their looks. Jokes aside, he’s got a huge smile and looks like he’d be a lot of fun." — Jade "No, because he’s not really my type. He looks like he’d be a good husband but I don’t know . On second thoughts, I wouldn’t want to be one of those couples." — Jess "Yes. Love his brown eyes, plus he looks like someone I could take home to meet mum." — Stacey "No. Also — he has the same hair as my dad, so that’s weird." — Amanda S. A lifetime partner who also makes a great spotter is a great partner. He clearly knows how to pick a suit unlike some of his TV show castmates, and I suspect he has a swimmer's body under that suit. He’s hot, looks cheeky and a little bit like Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald.

So, in the spirit of the show, which launches season two tonight, we asked 11 women in the office if they would marry these guys at first sight. He’s probably a guy I would socialise with, and leave it so." — Nina "He looks sweet and friendly . "Mark looks like a good guy but I can't pinpoint what it is about him. Nice Aussie bloke with just the right amount of grooming! "He looks kind, and a bit uncomfortable — maybe he’s nervous about the whole thing, which is a good sign. Another thing, I usually don’t go for a guy with a buzzcut (or similar) but it seems to work with this guy. There's something very Jaime Lannister about him, but in an attractive, less 'king slayer' and more 'marriage material' kind of way." — Verity "Those baby-blues! He would be my pick out of all of them." — Ashling "OK, I’ll marry Jono! Like he just looks so happy to be trying on his tux, as if he’s really enjoying the wedding prep process. The lady that gets this one is laughing." — Anne Marie "He looks a bit like Volchok [Cam Gigandet] from The O. — aka the ultimate stud — so it’s a definite yes." — Amanda S.

They knew nothing about them but their names and what they look like — so just how much do first impressions count? " — Anne Marie "No, I just get absolutely no vibes." — Amanda S. I'm into shaved heads, he's got good stubble going on and he's got the kindest eyes. If I saw him at the end of the aisle, I'd be pleasantly surprised and hope he was as lovely as he looks." — Gen "Yep, he looks like a good egg . Nerves mean he’s not over confident, and might be really looking for love. "Jono is not my type at all but gosh, he takes a good photo.

Married men cam

It would be a pity marriage because he seems so nice." — Verity "Not my type! I’m getting distinct 'just good friend' vibes from this guy. "Oh sh*t, Bryce is cute but he looks like a guy who used to throw things at me at school. " — Alexandra "Bryce looks short, which means he isn’t really my type. " — Gen "Ohh no, I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him." — Amanda P.

He reminds me of a distant relative." — Ashling "Aw, Bryce looks friendly. I’m getting 'good in the kitchen' vibes from him, possibly because he looks like a friend of mine who’s a bit of a chef.

The picture in the white shirt makes him look like a chef. If he’s a chef, then yes, I’ll marry him." — Jess "No, he’s just not my type and he looks he could be a chef maybe?! And I’m just not sure about a three-piece suit." — Stacey "He looks like a celebrity chef?! Still, no instant marriage for Bryce." — Jade "No, personally I don’t like the hair.

He isn’t necessarily my type, but seems genuine and like he would have a good sense of humour . I have an inkling he would invest too much of his time on himself.

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