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I'm getting a "Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string." error when selecting more than one value. Structured // make sure you specify structured }); SSRS cheats a bit because it's controlling the inputs... Through a stored procedure, this would be a bit more difficult to do.

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ALTER PROCEDURE sp Select Placement Data ( @Client ID SMALLINT, @Source File Dates VARCHAR(MAX) ) AS BEGIN SELECT (snip) FROM [APS].[dbo].[Account] A WHERE Client ID = @Client ID AND A.[Source File Date] IN (SELECT * FROM dbo.

Split(@Source File Dates)) END string source File Dates = ""; foreach (Date Time file in job.source Files) { if (file == job.source Files. To String("d") + "'"; } else { source File Dates += "'" + file.

To String("d") + "', "; } } select Run Command = new Sql Command("sp Select Placement Data", sql Connection); select Run Command.

Edit: As requested, example of foreach loop output: var source File Dates = new Data Table(); source File Dates. Add("Value", typeof(Date Time)); foreach (Date Time file in job.source Files) { source File Dates.

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  1. INTRODUCTIONIn 2010, the girl I planned to marry dumped me.

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