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After you have just broken up and you learned that he's already dating someone else there is a big possibility that your ex boyfriend is on a rebound relationship.

He is just looking for some assurance or emotional security.

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This rebound relationship seldom work because it was not built with a strong foundation.

After 3 months or so problems will start to come up and they will soon realize that they're relationship is not really going to work out.

When this happens you should be ready to make a move to make your ex boyfriend notice you.

I used to wonder what should I do when I found out that my ex boyfriend is dating someone else.

I kept looking for ways on how to steal my man back from the other girl.

I was hurting because I thought he was already over me. But you know what, oftentimes that is not the case.

Read this article all the way through to find out the answers to your questions.

I wasn't actually tagged by anyone, please don't shoot me, but since I don't actually have a boyfriend, I got one of my closest friend's boyfriend to do it for me instead.

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-- My ex is dating someone else - What to do if ex is dating someone else.


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