My mom is dating my teacher

I met her years ago at the 2012 Blog Her conference. I bought it and have been devouring in big gulps for the past few nights. I am healing so much in so many ways just by reading your experiences and knowing, once and for all, that I too will be ok.

At the time, she was just about to begin her own blog on being a single mother. Thanks for putting your heart on your sleeve for the rest of us single moms!!!

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My single mom friend and blogger, Emma Johnson, is such an inspiration. In the book you’ll find out…“There’s no difference to me between this book and something on a shelf at Barnes & Noble. of Follow Your Bliss ”“OMG…I can NOT stop reading your book. I’ve loved your blog all along – but your book is truly, truly incredible.

That is truly inspiring.” – Jen C.“Old posts are mixed with new stories and her insights and revelations fill the gaps, creating a smooth, easy to follow glimpse into her world. Your positive attitude and honesty about your journey is inspiring.

Sheer invites you into her world, and while I am not single nor a mother, the underlying themes of trusting and believing in yourself rang true to my heart. Sometimes I feel like I will never make it through this deep and dark era as I face motherhood alone.

Ms Single Mama finds a way to balance romantic optimism with the realities of daily life, all the while ensuring the needs of her son Benjamin are met. Then sometimes I hear/read stories like yours that give me a little push that I so badly need in the positive direction. I am 24 years old and single mom to two beautiful twin girls..

Know that I miss you always, think of you constantly and wish I could be here, writing more. Believe it or not, I miss my days as a single mother. Everything that Alaina talks about while telling her story is something that any single mother can relate to.

For me at least, it seemed like this book was custom made for me. We’ve all heard it, plenty of us have brushed it off, but none of us have had it phrased quite so convincingly as Alaina Sheer has done in this book.” – Jennifer Parker, Boise Examiner“On the outside, you seem so put together: smart, beautiful, successful, confident, and (now) in love.


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