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Science for All Americans One of the grand success stories of science is the unification of the physical universe.It turns out that all natural objects, events, and processes are connected to each other in such a way that only a relatively few concepts are needed to make sense of them.In a way, this fact complicates efforts to delineate what students should know about the makeup and structure of the universe.

The physical universe is a subject in which many ideas make high demands on students' comprehension and imagination.

Students in elementary school can only begin to form notions of stars and matter.

The drastically different scales of astronomical and atomic phenomena can be learned only over many years.

Humans have never lost interest in trying to find out how the universe is put together how it works, and where they fit in the cosmic scheme of things.

The development of our understanding of the architecture of the universe is surely not complete, but we have made great progress.

Given a universe that is made up of distances too vast to reach and of particles too small to see and too numerous to count, it is a tribute to human intelligence that we have made as much progress as we have in accounting for how things fit together.

All humans should participate in the pleasure of coming to know their universe better.

In the arrangement used here (and also in ), benchmarks dealing with gravity, electromagnetism, and scale appear in several different sections.

For example, 4A: The Universe, 4B: The Earth, 4F: Motion, and 4G: Forces of Nature are intimately linked by ideas of gravitational attraction and immense scales of distance, mass, and time.

And 4D: Structure of Matter, 4E: Energy Transformations, and 4G: Forces of Nature are linked by ideas of electromagnetism and minute scales of distance, mass, and energy.

Benchmarks for any section are connected to others and should be read in the context of the others.

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