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I can rest assured that there’s a few exes out there and even their friends who may not think well of me – bothered-o-clock.

Bearing in mind that I’ve lost sleep over this in the past and eroded my self-esteem over it, this is major progress.

Like a typical convenience store, it has wide aisles but she yelled at me in front of customers staring in disbelief, for not saying “Excuse me” to her as I walked past.

I didn’t see her, nor did I touch her and said this calmly to her and even apologised, which didn’t calm her.

After telling her to stop shouting at me a couple of times and her gesticulating widely at me, I said “Please go home and take out your real problems on someone else” and walked away while she was yelling “What-e-ver darling”.

Shaken, I went home and after venting to the boyf and thinking of a couple of things I wished I’d said, it was soon forgotten (until now! Just like in any other situation where you seek to have the last word, you have to wonder: What are you going to do? Keep calling/emailing/texting or showing up until you can speak to them?

Tie them to a chair and force-feed them your opinions?

Programme them to have anterograde amnesia where they only remember right up to the moment where you had the last word?

In the past it has bugged the hell out of me that I didn’t have the upper hand in a situation or get to have the last word, or I’d worry about what ‘everyone’ thought of me.

A situation like the shop incident would have had me stewing or even wondering what she’d seen in me to behave like that, but to be honest, her disproportionate reaction had nothing to do with me.

This was only further cemented by the fact that I’m not the only customer she’s had a go at…

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