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It uses classification techniques to create thousands of topical categories, making that data more useful and insightful.These capabilities complement the recent acquisition of Alchemy API as well existing technologies available on the Watson Developer Cloud.The combination of these technologies will further assist our clients in applying cognitive computing toward making more informed, evidence-based decisions.

New dating sitess

Watson has both an insatiable appetite for Big Data and the unique ability to contextually analyze that information to unlock meaningful insights.

The technology is able to ingest vast amounts of data from organizations’ own computer systems, from third-party data providers, from the Internet of Things, and from the public Internet.

In our work to enhance the performance of cognitive computing systems, we’re constantly exploring new ways to identify, understand and make use of information from both public and private sources.

Big Data, once thought to be the answer to unlocking insight, has itself become a challenge.

From the vast amount of digital content online to new types of data streams from social, mobile and other sources, information overload pervades all aspects of our lives.

Identifying true insights trapped within that data is a difficult task.

How do you sift through the 95 percent of information that doesn’t matter to find the five percent that does?

Toward this end, we are excited about the acquisition of certain technology from Blekko, Inc, which closed this afternoon.

This will provide access to additional content that can be infused in Watson-based products and services delivered by IBM and its partners.


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