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The album was released on November 24, 2009, through a joint venture between Nature Sounds and D. "Musically, it’s by the same producers so it’s gonna have the same type of feel. This is somethin’ I learned from my cohort, my partna.” So that’s dope. The album was first premiered in its entirety on the duo's Myspace a week before the official release. So, I think we gained a lot from each other and learned when we go on and do our next project, “Oh, I could add this to my shit. Records, after several pushbacks dating as far back as the spring of 2008. I’ve learned at this stage of my game, “Oh, this is how you attack something like that when you wanna attack it with some melody…” ‘Cause I definitely know O specializes in that. Guests are kept to a minimum, a female singer named Mirror Image sings the choruses on "Get Away" and "Pain" while DJ Premier lay down cuts and scratches for the 1st single, Two For The Money". And I think that’s what you might hear separating it from The Movement, because this is a concentrated effort of O.

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on The Movement and Show & AG's Live Hard, both released in 2008. G.…more so than any other project because you hear us here and there.

The 35-year-old Miles Donnelly of Hall Place, Paddington – who also goes by the name of Miles Ryan – stabbed, beat and strangled 44-year-old mother-of-one Usha Patel in her Cricklewood flat in October 2015.

The pair met on the Oasis Dating website, had been in conversation since April 2015 and had met in person before.

Donnelly and Patel arranged to meet at her north-west London home on Wednesday 7 October.

After the murder, Donnelly went to the home address of a 43-year old woman in Hall Place, west London, where he stayed for 36 hours.

At some point he made sexual advances towards the woman, flew into a furious rage when she refused and hit her in the back of her head with a stool.

After this, Donnelly telephoned the police and advised them of his current location.

Officers attended and he was arrested for the murder of Patel.

Detective Inspector James Stevenson of the Homicide and Major Crime Command said: "Donnelly declined to answer any questions put to him during his police interviews and has never offered any information as to why he assaulted and killed Usha Patel that night.

What do Christian single girls look for in a single Christian guy when contemplating a soulmate or marriage partner?

This question always seems to percolate in any singles groups I have ever attended or led.


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