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Refined and depraved, he can not understand the natural begin whispers, rumors arise Sapphic (lesbian) tendencies queen.“I ascribe lovers and particularly underlined by a passion for women,” – Marie Antoinette writes openly and naturally, completely confident in the purity of their feelings; her arrogant frankness despises yard, public opinion, and light. As fireworks shot just inside my head pierced my body and not to collapse on the floor, I walked over to the couch and without opening the embrace we collapsed in convulsions on him.

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God knows he found her the most sensual girl he had ever known and having her touch him was exciting but should he make a move.

And that is shown in a rapid boiling feelings otnyut not sexual, but only a premonition of his timid, only dream about it.

That is why the relationship of Marie Antoinette and her friends in those years painted delicate tones and immoral yard immediately irritated falsely interprets this unusual behavior for a queen.

After some time it had gone Uoldor Black, he was a descendant of Lord Frey and maidens from home Royces. Uoldor podoshol her hand and crawled under her skirt, she knew that he was useless to resist.

Near the window stood a table on which Uoldor put her and pulled the pants.

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