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They’ve answered their own questions with a resounding yes through a packed itinerary of shows and a handful of recordings that are among the rawest musical experiences of the new decade.

Do Keith Morris and his gang of grown-ass punk heroes still have the goods?

After four decades of heavy use, does punk rock still have any life left in it?

Combining reckless improvisational energy with the combined skills of four deadly sharp musicians, OFF!

have dug down through a decades’ worth of accumulated stylistic garbage, and rediscovered the stripped down core of noise, speed, and rock & roll that punk seemed to have lost forever.

Their third full-length studio recording, , is the most direct and in-your-face embodiment of OFF! Recorded in their practice space, live to 8-track 1/2″ tape–with the barest minimum of rehearsal beforehand and enough mic bleed to make punching in over rough spots afterward an impossibility–the album captures the group (Morris, guitarist Dimitri Coats, bassist Steven Mc Donald, and drummer Mario Rubalcaba) in the spontaneous act of bringing its 16 songs to frenzied life.

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